Who's Who in Tang Soo Do


Grandmaster Benedetto Stumpf
9th Dan



Grandmaster Benedetto Stumpf, 9th Dan, is the founder and President of the German Tang Soo Do Federation and the Executive Director of the United Tang Soo Do Congress.

He was a Tang Soo Do pioneer, introducing the art in Germany where he founded his federation in 1987. He opened the first Tang Soo Do Club in 1972, in Meriden Lendringsen. In 1976 he founded the second Club in Meriden City.

Grandmaster Stumpf is a life-long martial artist, having been introduced to "Budosport" by his grandfather at the age of four. Over the years, he has trained in many different arts and styles - Japanese, Korean, Okinawan and Chinese.

In addition to his 9th Dan in Tang Soo Do, he is a 10th Dan in Kempo Jiu Jitsu, a 9th Dan in Okinawan Karate Do, 9th Dan in Hapkido, and 7th Dan in Kobudo (weaponry), as well as a Master's Belt in Tae Kwon Do.


A 3-time German Karate Champion and Champion in Breaking, he once attempted to break 42 tiles to surpass the record, but shattering only 40. While it did not break the record, it did bring him mush recognition and respect.

He is a much sought after member of the martial arts community and also the current President of two additional organizations - the World Nibuikai Budo Federation and the Euro-Independent Federation of Russian Kempo.



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