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50 Years

Kwan Jang Nim Stephen Washington   New
Noarlunga, South Australia

Kwan Jang Nim Washington, 9th Dan, began his study of the martial arts in 1966 at the age of 16. His first teacher was Master Kim Sung Hwan. Following his instructor's passing in the mid '80s, he traveled extensively and trained with the old masters his instructor had introduced him to: Master Lee, Y.G. (Korea), Master Tanaka G.R. (Okinawa), and Master Yang J.T. (China). Kwan Jang Nim Washington is the founder of the Asia Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation and continues to travel and teach throughout Australia, Asia and the U.S.

Grandmaster David Schmitt   New
Dubuque, Iowa

Grandmaster Schmitt. 7th Dan, began his Tang Soo Do under Mr. Amos Judd at the Ft. Sam Houston Tang Soo Do Karate Club, where he was stationed in the U. S. Army. In 1970 he opened the first karate school in the state of Iowa, the Dubuque Karate Club, where he continues to teach. From 1990 to 2011 he trained under Grandmaster Jae C. Shin of the World Tang Soo Do Association and received his 7th Dan ranking from him. Grandmaster Schmitt is also the founder of the American Tang Soo Do Karate Institute.

45 Years



40 Years



35 Years


30 Years



25 Years

  Vaillancourt's Korean Martial Arts
Huron, South Dakota

Vaillancourt's Korean Martial Arts was founded in 1991 by Master Dana Vaillancourt when he started teaching his own Korean martial arts program as a Master Instructor. Master Vaillancourt is currently an 8th Dan in Tang Soo Do under Grandmaster Kim, Chung Il and the International Association of Korean Martial Arts (IAKMA). Master Vaillancourt received his Tang Soo Do Dan ranks up to 7th Dan from Grandmaster Kim, Jae Joon and joined the IAKMA after the death of Grandmaster Kim, Jae Joon in 2007.



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