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Submissions to Tang Soo Do World in the following areas are welcome and should be emailed to [email protected]

School Listings

Please provide the following information for your FREE school listing.

Listings are only for those schools teaching Tang Soo Do / Soo Bahk Do as the primary art.

Listing Type:    (Indicate whether a "New" listing or a "Change" to an existing listing)
School Name:  
Address:    (Physical street address - No P.O. Box numbers please)
City / State / Zip:  
Your Name:    (Owner / Head Instructor)
Your Rank:  
Title:    (Mr. / Ms. / Kyo Sa / Sa Bom, etc.)
Your Instructor's Name:  
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Affiliation:    (Associations / Federations you are a member of)
School website:    (Websites only - no Facebook pages)
Email address:    (For Tang Soo Do World contact purposes only - will not be published)

Organization Listings

No new listings are currently being added.

Who's Who Listing

No new names are currently being added.

Events Calendar

Information on upcoming tournaments, seminars or other Tang Soo Do events that you would like readers to know about. Please be sure to supply sponsoring school or organization name, location, dates and contact information. If there is a website page with registration forms or other details, we will link to it.


Articles on philosophy, training, health, or any other topic that would be useful or inspirational to Tang Soo Do practitioners. It is understood that "original" material submitted is voluntary and that no payment will be made for its use. However, credit will be given to the author of each article. Links to previously published articles are also welcome.


Photos or videos from Tang Soo Do events, tournament demonstrations, seminars, camps, etc. See Gallery section for categories.


If you, your organization or school is celebrating an anniversary let us know and we will list it. Anniversary must be 25th, 30th, 35th, etc. (no in-between dates please). If anniversary is an individual, please include one photo (in uniform) and a short bio, school name, etc. If an organization or school anniversary, please provide a logo if available. Use current listings as guidelines.


Tournament results, Tang Soo Do news of general interest, promotions, community involvement projects, etc.

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