"I want to thank you so much for creating this wonderful website. I think it does an immense service to Tang Soo Do by keeping our history and heritage alive. I absolutely love this website and I tell everyone I know about it. Please keep up your outstanding work!" - Mr. Chris Brillhart, PKSA Karate, Taylor, MI - 2/26/15
"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding website and to express my gratitude to you for your efforts in maintaining the information on Tang Soo Do."  
- Master Crawley Berry, Gentle Palm Tang Soo Do, Wilmington, DE - 10/19/14
"I have enjoyed your site for many years. It is very thoughtful and informative and is all about the legacy of our beloved Grandmaster Hwang Kee. We are the children and grand-children and great grand children of his love."   - Kyo Sa Larry Covin, West Haven Academy of Karate - Canyon Lake - 10/30/13
"Thank you for all your hard work on running this website. It really is a benefit to all Tang Soo Do practitioners."  - Master Joe Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald's Martial Arts - 4/30/13
"Recently doing a search of various Tang Soo Do terminology, I came across your site. I am impressed at the thoroughness of information and the lengths you have gone through to list so many Tang Soo Do schools and their affiliations. Thank you for such a wonderful resource."  - Kyo Sa Jason Coleman - 4/11/13
"Thank you for maintaining such an informational website.  Now, both novice and experts in the art of Tang Soo Do can come to this site and gain much knowledge and truths about Tang Soo Do.  More importantly, they will find a home and family in the art they practice." Tang Soo!  - Master Albert Oon, Oon Karate - 6/19/12
"I am an aficionado of your website. I love reading the stories, quotes, and watching the vid's. Keep up the great and awesome job! It has become a part of my daily routine. Blessings on all of your efforts!" 
- E. Ramirez - 3/6/12
"The more I read the more I am glad I found your website and would like to express my gratitude to you for your efforts in maintaining and distributing the information you show. I shall instruct my students to this website for their Tang Soo Do history. It has been nice to read script which ties in, even enhancing, with my teachings and history knowledge."  - Master Sean Mayes - 1/15/12
"Thank you for all your work in the Tang Soo Do World website. It is an extraordinary website and helps the Tang Soo Do world tremendously."  - Master Scott R. Hile - 11/21/11
"Thank you for all your efforts in providing a Tang Soo Do resource for everyone. You so clearly represent Great Grand Master Hwang Kee's mission of World Peace through improved human relations. Thanks again for what you do."   - Master Steven Voelker, U.S. Goodwill Tang Soo Do Association - 4/19/11
"May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work and effort in this great Tang Soo Do website. There are so many great references to old and new and its a great source of inspiration and knowledge. May it long continue. Tang-Soo!" - Master Les Edmondson, Tiger Gym Int'l - 4/8/11
"You know when you have crossed paths with a wonderful Tang Soo Do teacher. Master Terrigno literally reflects his dedication to the Art of Tang Soo Do by the professional effort put forth in developing such an informative website that resonates the spirit of Tang Soo Do. He has taken the time to promote Tang Soo Do as a whole and not just one particular branch of it. We can all follow his example as "Sah" - teacher, "Bum" - example, and "Nim" - title of honor.  This website is full of professorship in spreading the news of Tang Soo Do as an Art to be shared with all and among those of us who train and teach.  After all, we should share our knowledge and skill to promote and better the Tang Soo Do spirit which we hold so dearly in our hearts.  The Art can only flourish if we follow Master Terrigno's example to promote it as a whole -- all together.  All for one and one for all -- Tang Soo!"   - Mrs. Tammy Lee Clyde, Clyde's Martial Arts School - 2/9/11
"I would like to extend my personal appreciation for your efforts in keeping awareness of Tang Soo Do alive through your website, Tang Soo Do World."
- Grandmaster Pat E. Johnson, National Tang Soo Do Congress - 7/28/10
"Your site is a great benefit to Tang Soo Do, sharing lots of valuable information."
- Master John Godwin, Korean Martial Arts Institute - 2/12/10
"I am impressed with your website.  It obviously is a work of love and dedication to our art.  I would like to help out in any way possible."  - Grandmaster Dennis Ichikawa, American Tang Soo Do Alliance - 11/6/09
"I would like to say that you have a terrific web site and it is very informative. You have made a great effort Sir."  - Master Babak Javid, Tang Soo Do Chiban, Netherlands - 10/27/09
"This is a great website. I refer to it often, and tell my fellow Tang Soo Do brothers and sisters to refer to it as well, they will learn a lot of useful information. Keep up the great work."
- Sa Bom Nim Bob Straub, UTA Karate, Dalton Pa. - 10/21/09
"I really like your website. It is a great source for Tang Soo Do information. Keep up the great job." 
- Mr. Chanty Pin, Hermiston Tang Soo Do Karate - 10/5/09
"I've been accessing your website for quite some time. Your website is awesome. Thank you for your contributions to our art."
- Master Keith Adams, Ultimate Force Korean Martial Arts, Okinawa, Japan - 8/14/09

"I am writing to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with you through Tang Soo Do World. The site is absolutely the best out there in my humble opinion. From the many great references you provide to the non-political stance you have maintained, it is not only refreshing, it is quantum leap forward for all practitioners and teachers of Tang Soo Do. I also feel you are doing the art of Tang Soo Do a great service as we all share the common interest in both practicing this most beautiful art but also ensuring it's growth and it's legacy. Tang Soo Do World is helping us all do that."

"The site is truly a worldwide effort and yet without your desire and hard work to make it a reality, it would  have never happened. I have had both the pleasure to train with you and get to know you and I am looking forward to many more years of the same. Keep up the great work and thank you again for all you have done for Tang Soo Do!!!"   - John St. James, Kwan Jang Nim, Atlantic-Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation - 6/14/09

"Keep up the great work on the website.  I visit it daily for updates and events.
- Sean Kirby, Kim's Karate West - 6/13/09
"I was impressed with the structure of your site and look forward to continuing to use it as a resource." 
- Kyo Sa Jim King,
King Academy of Martial Arts & Self-Defense - 5/7/09
"Your website is easily the best Tang Soo Do resource on the web. I use it myself and even have a link to it on our school's website for our students. Thank you Sah Bum Nim! Tang Soo!"
- Ms. Kate Chuilli, MacDermott's Tang Soo Do - 4/13/09
"I would like to give great thanks to you for all the hard and time-consuming work you have done. The site not only benefits the art of Tang Soo Do but also those of us who use it as a conduit to the rest of the world. So I say again, Great Thanks"  - Master Mikeal Smith, Body Mind & Spirit Academy of Martial Arts - 3/17/09
"After 40 years of Tang Soo Do practice, I still have not reached and touched as many lives as you have with your priceless way of touching all of our lives. I am certain all of our viewers from across the globe, regardless of rank or affiliation have, can and will continue to benefit from this powerful medium. If we believe our Tang Soo Do tenet, 'Tang Soo Do is for the betterment of all mankind', then we have benefited from your precious gift. Thanks for giving."  - Master W.C. Jenkins, Tiger Do Jang - 3/15/09
"TANG SOO and thank you for your wonderful website."  
- Master John Trudgill, Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation - 12/24/08
"I think your web site is great. It is full of information and helpful to anyone who is looking for a Tang soo do school. You should be commended for all the time and effort that goes into maintaining such an outstanding web site."  - Vincent N. Melchiorre - 12/15/08
"Your website is an awesome source of information and I do recommend Tang Soo Do World whenever possible. Thank you again for your hard work and contribution to Tang Soo Do."
- Master Gary Horner, The Karate Center - 11/19/08
"Thank you for this fantastic service."   - Ms. Lori Halbert, Four Elements Martial Arts Group - 10/31/08
"I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude for what you and this website are offering to the Tang Soo Do community. Your time and commitment to the art of Tang Soo Do is appreciated by many."  - Master Stacy Busby, Busby's Family Karate - 9/30/08
"I thank you for having the courage to show that Tang Soo Do is indeed something for the world and not just based on which master you have or where you're from. No, it is a beautiful art and we should work together as brothers and sisters regardless which backgrounds we all have". 
- Mr. Maurice Raaijmakers - Netherlands - 9/9/08
"The Tang Soo Do World website is a breath of fresh air. Over the past few days I have enjoyed reviewing the articles and galleries from your site. May you have continued success."   - David Klobcar - 8/28/08
"Thank you for your support and professionalism.You have one professional website with information about different Tang Soo Do organizations from all over the world. That is great."
- Master Robert Haritonov, Bulgarian Tang Soo Do Association - 8/14/08
"I think that your website is one of the best out there."  - Ken Claflin, Wild Horse Martial Arts - 6/23/08
"Thank you for such a great web site"  - Greg Duncan, C. S. Kim Karate - 6/19/08
"I enjoyed the articles from the old martial arts magazines. Keep up the good work! We follow your website every day. It is becoming 'the place to be' if you want to know what is going on in the 'Tang Soo Do World." 
- Master Bert van Lith, Shin Kong Martial Arts - 5/29/08
"Thank you for the great web site you've created! You are to be commended for your expertise and professionalism."  - Master Yen Touysinhthiphonexay - 5/25/08
"If no one has said this yet, thank you for all that you do to support and further our art of Tang Soo Do. I really appreciate your efforts. Keep up the great work! Tang Soo!"
- Master Shintaku, Seattle Tang Soo Do - 5/20/08
"Your website is definitely a 'must see' site for anyone interested in learning more about the art, its notable instructors and organizations."  - Master Larry Gilliland, Orange County School of Martial Arts - 5/7/08
"I loved the site the first five minutes I browsed it. Keep up the wonderful work!"  - Mr. Sean Argir - 4/28/08
"Thank you for your commitment in promoting Tang Soo Do!" 
- Master Brian Cooper, Mid-Iowa Tang Soo Do - 4/9/08
"I have visited your website a few times, since I learned about it at the ATA championship. It's outstanding. Congratulations again for building such a terrific website and open forum on Tang Soo Do. I will continue to periodically check in and learn what's going on out there". 
- Mark Fortune, Metrowest Tang Soo Do
- 3/23/08
"Thank you for doing all the work involved in putting together such a great website. It is really great to see so many friends listed. Many acquaintances and friends made over the years are now reachable thanks to this website. It was obviously a lot of work. WELL DONE!!"
- Grandmaster James Saffold, American Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation - 1/26/08
"Your site is fantastic! Ko Map Sum Ni Da & TANG SOO!!" 
- Sa Bom Chris DuFour, Pensacola Tang Soo Do - 1/24/08
"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you and thank you for the good work that you have done for the art through this website. Many of my associates here in the UK use your site as a point of reference and source of unbiased information about Tang Soo Do on the world stage."
- John Dove, British Tang Soo Do Federation - 1/19/08
"Great website and thanks for the hard work." - Brian Crawford, Crawford's Martial Arts - 1/16/08

"I really do like your web site, nicely done and well laid out."
- Master Dennis McHenry, Mac's Tang Soo Do - 12/31/07

"This past weekend I was searching around the internet and came across your website, Tang Soo Do World. WHAT A TREAT!  I found so many of my old friends and early instructor(s). ...I can't adequately describe the images and feelings my wandering through the various links brought. Perhaps like a 35 year class reunion. It was wonderful. What a fantastic experience. I've gone back to your site several times since my initial visit and anticipate visiting many more times".  - Dr. Marc Oster - 12/28/07
"Can I compliment you on a very informative site. I have passed your link to all students in our region." 
- Mr. Charlie Featherstone (U.K.) - 12/28/07
"Wanted to let you know I am so grateful for your site. I am a frequent visitor. You are doing such a wonderful job spreading the good news about Tang Soo Do. Your web site is so appealing and nicely designed. I look forward to reading the quotes. Thank you from all of us from the Tang Soo Do world...keep up the good work!"  - Ms. Flo Covell - 12/22/07
"The site looks great! I appreciate your time on the website and wish you much success. TANG SOO!"
- Master Hans H. Nam, Nam's Korean Martial Arts Center - 12/3/07
"I would like to say that I enjoy your website and feel it is a wonderful tool for all martial artists."
- Deputy Master David Barley - 10/26/07
"...keep up the good work with your site. It is very informative". - Master Stephen Propst, - 10/24/07
"I have to say that this is one of the best sites we have seen by far - well done! We will recommend your site to other Tang Soo Do practitioners." - Kyo Sa Margueritte Gilvey, A.K. Martial Arts and Fitness - 10/12/07
"I love the website!" - Master Valentin, Valentin Karate - 10/10/07
"Thanks for a great meeting place for Tang Soo Do practitioners".
- Master Mike Bogdanski, Bogdanski's Martial Arts - 10/8/07
"I've just taken some time browsing at your website. It will take you anywhere! My compliments to gather all this information."  - Frank Heininga, Sportschool Yu Jang - 9/26/07
"The best site of karate\tang soo do\tae kwon do I ever saw!!!  Keep up the good work "tangsoodoworld". 
- From Ofir - ISRAEL. - 9/5/07
"I want to commend you on the fantastic job you have done on your website. I am definitely a big supporter of your website. It is one of the best out there and I tell many Tang Soo Do practitioners about it on my travels and visitations."  - Kwan Jang Nim Andy Ah Po - 8/4/07
"Thank you sir for both the creation of this site and for honoring my school with its inclusion. I look forward to seeing great things on this the site and have already bookmarked it for easy access." 
- Henry C. Pugh Jr., Kyo Sa Nim, Belton Martial Arts Academy - 3/23/07
"Thank you for doing something for Tang Soo Do". - Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak - 3/31/07
"My compliments on a well organized site. Tang Soo!"
Master Scott C. Homschek, River Valley Tang Soo Do Academy - 3/22/07
"I finally had a chance to look over your work... I would like to commend you on a job well done. This project that you have undertaken will be a valuable resource for the Tang Soo Do art form. I would also like to express my gratitude for your hard work and effort in making the site extremely easy to navigate... Keep up the good work."   - Charles Ferraro, President / Founder Tang Soo Do Mi Guk Kwan - 3/22/07
"Thank you for publishing this information for all of Tang Soo Do."  - Master Bill Johnson - 3/22/07



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