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"The Master's Path"
by Grandmaster John St. James, 9th Dan

"Everyone wants to be a success. Few people know the steps to achieve it. This book was created to help you break through the mental barriers that hold you back. One of the many life-changing strategies you will learn helps yu to reset your self-identity 'set-point' so you can overcome challenges that up to now may have seemed insurmountable. The Master's Path will help you to build our own personal success model so you can create happiness, joy, and fulfillment in your life today. Not next week, next month or next year. It is about your life journey and what it can be if you follow through. It is about reaching the summit by mastering the path. It is about becoming the best version of yourself you can be".  - Grandmaster John St. James

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"Traditional Korean Karate Basics"
by Master Frederick Scott, 8th Dan

This text is designed for the beginner to intermediate student practicing the Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. The techniques presented cover the requirements for testing from 10th Gup White Belt to 4th Gup Green Belt and include basic hand and foot techniques, Forms, One-Step Fighting, and Self-Defense. The technical material in this text serves as a reference for the student and coincides with the syllabus of Traditional Tang Soo Do International. A brief history and philosophy is also offered that more accurately presents the history, roots, and origins of the Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan style founded by Grandmaster Hwang, Kee than previous books to date on the subject.

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Dynamic Tang Soo Do Book Series
by Master John Correlje, 6th Dan

Dynamic Tang Soo Do Basics - 30 Euros

Dynamic Tang Soo Do Hyung - 30 Euros

Dynamic Tang Soo Do Hyung Applications Vol. 1  - 32.50 Euros

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The Art of Tang Soo Do (Shil Ki #1)
By Grandmaster Stephen G. Washington, 9th Dan

The Art of Tang Soo Do (Shil Ki #1) is a must have instructional martial arts DVD covering the following:

     Introduction to Shil Ki or the practical application from the Pyung Ahn Hyung
  Blocks, Strikes, and Levers
  Relationship between classical vs. combat application
  Never before released combat application techniques
  Kyul Hap Ki Sul or flow sets to help develop core competencies needed for Shil Ki or
      practical application practice

This DVD is must have for every Tang Soo Do practitioner and traditionalist!

Only $34.95 (includes shipping and handling!)

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Atlantic Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation
By Grandmaster John St. James, 8th Dan

The Art of Tang Soo Do (Forms, Weapons, Self Defense, Sparring, One-Step/Flow Sets, Terminology plus much more!) A must have state of the art instructional martial arts video series for any serious Tang Soo Do practitioner now available by simply calling or emailing.

The Art of Tang Soo Do DVD Series

Product #1  - Beginner Hyung -
Product #2  - Intermediate Hyung - $34.95
Product #3  - Advanced Hyung - $34.95
Product #4  - Black Belt Hyung (to Sam Dan) - $34.95
Product #5  - The Art of Ho Sin Sul - Building the Foundation - $34.95
Product #6  - The Art of Ho Sin Sul - The Next Step - $34.95
Product #7  - The Art of Ho Sin Sul - Putting It All Together - $34.95
Product #8  - The Art of Dae Ryun - Building the Foundation - $34.95
Product #9  - The Art of Il Soo Sik - Flow Sets 101 & Bong (staff) - $34.95
Product #10 - Tang Soo Do Terminology CD - $24.95
Product #11 - Instructional DVD & CD Package (Complete Set/All 10) - $299.95
Product #12 - Instructional DVD Package (Set of 5 DVD's) - $139.80

To order, call 770-614-0006 or email [email protected]. Please specify product number and quantity, contact info
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Hak Won Tang Su Do DVD
By Chong Nye Nim R.D. Villalba, 8th Dan

Hak Won Tang Su Do is a traditional school searching for the purest continuity of Korean Martial Technique and Philosophy. Hak Won Tang Su Do is about Nei Kong, Wei Kong and Shim Kong and its most precious value lies in the transmission of its guiding principles: Culture, Consciousness, Will, Health, Service, and Nonviolence.

This first DVD illustrates a portion of its technical and philosophical legacy and presents an overview of both basic and advanced techniques including forms, one/two step sparring, kicking combinations, work with traditional weapons and Ki Kong exercises.

Price: (In Europe) 35 Euros  (Outside Europe)  $39.95
To order:   Email request to [email protected]


Training Combinations DVD series
By Grandmaster Andy Ah Po, 9th Dan

This Tang Soo Do Training Combinations DVD series is a must for all serious Tang Soo Do students. The nine combinations consist of all of the basic techniques that are generally taught as part of any Tang Soo Do curriculum. They are easy to learn and provide practitioners at all levels with the opportunity to perfect, refine and maintain their Tang Soo Do skills utilizing only a fraction of the training and practice time that is normally required. Once they are learned, they provide the Tang Soo Do student with a comprehensive daily workout that can take as little as five minutes and no more than
30 minutes

Complete 3 DVD Set at reduced price of $79.95   (Currently sold as a complete set only)

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