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Other Martial Arts Articles

  "Redefining Your School's Purpose For Growth" - by Grandmaster John St. James
  "Defining Your Martial Arts School's Purpose For Success..." - by Grandmaster John St. James
  "Everything I Know About Martial Arts I Learned From The Wizard of Oz" - by Master Mike Bogdanski
  "What's In A Name - Is Tang Soo Do Suffering An Identity Crisis?" - by Master Constantino Terrigno
 "Learning How To Learn" - by Master Constantino Terrigno
 "Create A Training Journal" - by Master Constantino Terrigno
  "Master of Her Own Destiny" - from Totally Wild TV magazine - South Australia
●  "Karate Black Belts' Punch Comes From The Brain" - from Science Daily
  "Why Protocol Matters in The Martial Arts" - by Ms. Elaine Hashman
●  "What is a Sa Bum Nim?" - by Master Byung Seok Lee
  "To Be A Student" - by Master Ricardo Longinotti
  "Cultivating Spirit" - by Ms. Melanie Carreira
 "Ki Kong and Tang Soo Do" - by Master Carlo Borghi
 "Training In Korea" by Master Todd Huddleston
 "What I Needed To Know About Being A Psychologist..." - by Dr. Marc I. Oster, PhD
  "Life Coaching - A New Era in Martial Arts Training" - by Terry L. Wilson



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