General Terms
Term Translation Audio
Name of the Art Tang Soo Do l
Tang Soo Do's ancient predecessor Soo Bahk Do l
Name of the style of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan l
School Dojang l
Uniform Do Bok l
Belt Dee l
Founder of a Kwan or Style Kwan Jang Nim l
Master Instructor Sa Bom Nim l
Instructor Kyo Sa Nim l
Assistant Instructor Cho (Jo) Kyo Nim l
Test Examiner Shim Sa Kwan Nim l
A term of respect - similar to "Sir" / "Ma'am" Nim l
Student Kwon Won l
Beginner Cho Bo Ja l
Degree under Black Belt Gup l
Holder of Gup Grade Yu Gup Ja l
Degree of Black Belt Dan l
Holder of Black Belt Yu Dan Ja l
Senior Black Belt - 4th Degree and up Ko Dan Ja l
Junior Gup Member Hu Beh l
Senior Gup Member Sun Beh l
Basic Kee Cho l
Block Mahk Kee l
Attack Kong Kyuck l
Kick Chagi l
Forms Hyung l
Yell Ki Hap l
Balance Choong Shim l
Posture Chung Seh l
Internal Power Neh Gung l
External Power Weh Gung l
Mental (Spiritual) Power Shim Gung l
Balance and Comfort Pyung Ahn l
Martial Way Moo Do l
Martial Spirit Moo Do Chung Shin l
Test Shim Sa l
Count Ku Ryung l
National Flag Kuk Gi l
Flag of a school or style Kwan Gi l
Breaking Kyok Pa l
Sparring Deh Ryun l
One Step Sparring Il Soo Sik Deh Ryun l
Self-Defense Ho Sin Sul l
Hand Techniques Soo Gi l
Foot Techniques Jok Gi l
Term Translation Audio
Attention Cha Ryut l
Salute the Flag Kuk Gi Bay Ray l
Return to Ready Position Ba Ro l
Rest Shio l
Meditate Muk Nyum l
Bow Kyung Ret l
Bow To Founder Kwan Jang Nim Kay Kyung Ret l
Bow to Master Instructor Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Ret l
Bow to Instructor Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung Ret l
Bow to Examiners Shim Sa Kwan Nim Kay Kyung Ret l
Bow to Seniors Sun Beh Nim Kay Kyung Ret l
Look Behind (before turning) Dwi Ro l
Turn Tora l
Look / Focus Shi Sun l
Sit An Jo l
Stand E La Sut l
By my (Instructor's) count Ku Ryung E Mat Cho So l
By your own (student's) count Ku Ryung Up Shi l
Term Translation Audio
Ready Stance Jhoon Bee Jaseh l
Front Stance Chun Gul Jaseh l
Back Stance Hu Gul Jaseh l
Side Stance Sa Ko Rip Jaseh l
Horse Stance Kee Ma Jaseh l
Cross Leg Stance Kyo Cha Rip Jaseh l
Fighting Stance Deh Ryun Jaseh l
Ready for Kick Stance Bal Cha Ki Jhoon Bee Jaseh l
Hand Techniques - Blocks
Term Translation Audio
Low Block Ha Dan Mahk Kee l
Inside to Outside Block Ahneso Pahkuro Mahk Kee l
Outside to Inside Block Pahkeso Ahnuro Mahk Kee l
High Block Sang Dan Mahk Kee l
Knife Hand Middle Block Choong Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee l
Two Fist Middle Block Chun Gul Ssang Soo Mahk Kee l
Low X (Cross) Block Ssang Soo Ha Dan Mahk Kee l
Back Stance - Low Block Hu Gul Ha Dan Mahk Kee l
Back Stance - Middle Block Hu Gul Ahneso Pahkuro Mahk Kee (Yup Mahk Kee) l
Back Stance - High Block Hu Gul Sang Dan Mahk Kee l
Back Stance - Two Fist Middle Block Hu Gul Ssang Soo Choong Dan Mahk Kee l
Back Stance - Two Fist High Block Hu Gul Ssang Soo Sang Dan Mahk Kee l
Back Stance - Knife Hand Low Block Hu Gul Ha Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee l
Back Stance - Knife Hand Middle Block Hu Gul Choong Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee l
Back Stance - Knife Hand High Block Hu Gul Sang Dan Soo Do Mahk Kee l
Hand Techniques - Attacks
Term Translation Audio
Middle Punch Choong Dan Kong Kyuck l
High Punch Sang Dan Kong Kyuck l
Side Punch When Jin Kong Kyuck l
Fore Fist (front) Punch Jung Kwon Kong Kyuck l
Spear Hand Kwan Soo Kong Kyuck l
Knife Hand Soo Do Kong Kyuck l
Back Fist Cap Kwon Kong Kyuck l
Plier Hand Jip Kye Son l
Elbow Strike Pahl Koop Kong Kyuck l
Palm Heel Jang Kwon Kong Kyuck l
Hammer Fist Kwon Do Kong Kyuck l
Ridge Hand Yuk Soo Do Kong Kyuck l
One Finger Spear Il Ji Kwon Soo l
Two Finger Spear E Ji Kwan Soo l
One Knuckle Attack Il Ji Kwon l
Upper Wrist Attack Sohn Mok Deung Kong Kyuck l
Soft Fist Attack Yoo Kwon Kong Kyuck l
Foot Techniques
Term Translation Audio
Front Snap Kick Ahp Cha Gi l
Inside to Outside Kick Ahneso Pahkuro Chagi l
Outside to Inside Kick Pahkeso Ahnuro Chagi l
Side Kick Yup Cha Gi l
Roundhouse Kick Dull Ryo Cha Gi l
Back Kick Dwi Cha Gi l
Front Stretch Kick Ahp Podo Oll Ri Gi l
Spin Inside to Outside Kick Dwi Ahneso Pahkuro Cha Gi l
Side Hook Kick to Front Yup Hu Ri Gi l
Spin Hook Kick Dwi Yup Hu Ri Gi l
Knee Kick Moo Roop Cha Gi l
Reverse Roundhouse Kick Peet Cha Gi l
Jump Kick E-Dan Cha Gi l
Direction / Position
Term Translation Audio
Right O Ring Jok l
Left Wen Jok l
Low Ha Dan l
Middle Choong Dan l
High Sang Dan l
Front Ahp l
Side Yup l
Back, Behind Dwi l
Backward Hu Jin l
Forward Chun Jin l
Term Translation Audio
Hand Soo l
Foot Bal l
Heel Bal Dwee Koom Chi l
Arm Pahl l
Fist Chu Mok l
Neck Mok l
Waist Hu Ri l
Leg Da Ri l
Instep Bal Deung l
Elbow Pahl Koop l
Knee Moo Roop l
Chin Tuk l
Wrist Pahl Mok l
Forehead Eema l
Groin Ko Whan l
Abdomen Dan Jun l
Solar Plexus Myung Chi l
Between nose and mouth In Choong l
Eight Key Concepts of Tang Soo Do
Term Translation Audio
Courage Yong Gi l
Concentration Chung Shin Tong Il l
Endurance In Neh l
Honesty Chung Jik l
Humility Kyum Son l
Power Control Him Cho Chung l
Speed Control Wan Gup l
Tension & Relaxation Shin Chook l


Translation Audio


Translation Audio
One Hana l First IL l
Two Dool l Second Ee l
Three Set l Third Sam l
Four Net l Fourth Sa l
Five Dasot l Fifth O l
Six Yasot l Sixth Yuk l
Seven Il Gop l Seventh Chil l
Eight Yodl l Eighth Pahl l
Nine Ahop l Ninth Ku l
Ten Yohl l Tenth Ship l
Full Count l Full Count l

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